18 > 20 Setembro 2019
The workshop entitled “Calcium Signaling in Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases” is the 8th edition of this event and will be held on September 18-20, 2019, at the Tryp Hotel, in the beautiful city of Coimbra, Portugal.
The ECS aims to develop and sustain relationships between all scientists working in the field of Ca2+ binding, Ca2+ signaling and the study of proteins and organelles, such as mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum, involved in health and disease, namely in the comprehension of aging and neurodegenerative disorders.
In recent years the ECS could boast of a membership varying between 250 and 300 members. The members presently belong to 32 different countries (19 European countries and 13 countries from North, Central and South America, Asia and Oceania), stressing the international character of the Society. The ECS organizes very successful scientific meetings and dedicated workshops that allows a close and fruitful interaction between junior researchers and senior experts in the field.
In the last years the ECS organized meetings in Warsaw (2010), Toulouse (2012), Aix-en-Provence (2014), Valladolid (2016) and Hamburg (2018), and workshops (https://gbiomed.kuleuven.be/apps/lmcs/ecs/workshops/workshops.php) in Seix (2011), Leuven (2013), Logonna-Daoulas (also in 2013), Seillac (2015) and Toulouse (2017).
The 8th ECS workshop scientific program (in attach) will be structured into five symposia dedicated to the most recent advances in understanding Ca2+ signaling in the brain underlying aging and neurodegenerative disorders. Moreover, special sessions focused on technological innovations in Ca2+ imaging will be offered followed by an hands-on session, for interested participants.

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